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EDRP 2009/1

Philipov, Dimiter, Olivier Thévenon, Jane Klobas, Laura Bernardi, Aart C. Liefbroer (2009). “Reproductive Decision-Making in a Macro-Micro Perspective (REPRO). State-of-the-Art Review” European Demographic Research Papers 1. Vienna: Vienna Institute of Demography of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

EDRP 2010/3

Iacovou, Maria, Lara Patrício Tavares (2010). “Yearning, Learning and Conceding: (Some of) the Reasons People Change their Childbearing Intentions” European Demographic Research Papers 3. Vienna: Vienna Institute of Demography of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.


Sobotka, Tomáš (2011). “Reproductive decision-making in a macro-micro perspective (REPRO). Synthesis and policy implications” European Demographic Research Papers 1. Vienna: Vienna Institute of Demography of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.


Policy Brief

Work package 2

  • Human Fertility Database

The Human Fertility Database provides open and user-friendly access to
detailed and high-quality data on period and cohort fertility » more


  • Family database

This report gathers information on fertility trends, living
arrangements and policy support from various sources and international
databases » more


  • Macro-level trends

Macro-level trends in fertility and policy responses are assessed for OECD countries » more


Work package 3

  • Harmonisation of the GGS data

The data of the “Generations and Gender Surveys” were harmonised to enable comparative analyses for eight countries » more


  • Social psychological influences on fertility intentions

This study analyses how attitudes, norms and behavioural control influence fertility intentions in eight countries » more


  • Couples’ perspectives 

How attitudes, perceived norms and perceived control influence couples’ decisions to have a child » more


Work package 4

  • Bulgaria and Hungary 

After the political and economic transition 1989/90, fertility behaviour changed dramatically in both Bulgaria and Hungary » more

  •  Realisation of fertility intentions

This document combines four different studies that analyse the realisation of fertility intentions in different countries       » more


  • Summarizing the results on realisation of fertility intentions

All results on the realisation of fertility intentions obtained in REPRO are summarized in this document » more


Work package 5

  • Classification of fertility intentions

Based on interviews with 261 individuals their fertility intentions are
classified in six categories according to clarity, strength and time
frame » more


  • Fertility cultures 

How different fertility cultures in Europe influence individual fertility decision-making » more


  • Changing intentions 

Using longitudinal qualitative data this report shows how intentions change over time and investigates their relationship with childbearing behaviour » more


Work package 6

  • Norms concerning fertility-related behaviour 

Differences in childbearing behaviour across and within countries could
result from differences in norms concerning fertility-related behaviour
» more


  • Cross-national differences in fertility intentions 

This study provides a cross-national analysis of the predictors of child-number and child-timing intentions using Eurobarometer data » more


  • Cross-national differences in fertility behaviour

This report focuses on variations in fertility behaviour across Europe » more



Work package 7

  • Synthesis of policy-relevant information

The goal of this review is to communicate major findings and achievements and summarise policy-relevant findings of the REPRO project » more


  • Policy implications

Which policy implications can be drawn from the findings in the REPRO project? » more