Work package 1: Management and coordination

Work package leader

Dimiter Philipov
Vienna Institute of Demography
Austrian Academy of Sciences
Wohllebengasse 12-14, 6th floor
1040 Vienna


  • To provide administrative support to the project.
  • To provide coordination of work in and between the work packages.
  • To monitor the timely submission of deliverables.
  • To organize the meetings of the consortium.
  • To organize the support of the Monitoring Committee and the Steering Board.

Description of work

The Coordinator (OEAW-VID) provides all administrative support, coordinating and monitoring activities. These activities refer to:

  • Scientific work of the consortium;
  • Kick-off meeting, four meetings during the course of the work and a final meeting of the consortium;
  • Quality of the work;
  • Decision-making structure;
  • Communication flow.


  • Report of the kick-off meeting.
  • Mid-term report.
  • Final report of the project.